1 Simple Way To Make Money Via Writing Article in 2022


How to Make Money With Writing Article

You may have heard or read that it is very difficult to make money with article writing In fact, with time and patience, you can have great success. Take a look at these tips on 

Pick the Right Niche 
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In order to make money with AdSense, you have to find the right niche. Finance, law and divorce niches are in high demand and will make you money.

Generate Traffic
You can use Google AdWords Keyword tool to get a broad sense of traffic, but again if you are choosing niches where the keywords in the niches are generating a lot of traffic, you are going to grow your bank account.

Proper Ad Placement
It speaks for itself, but if you want to make money with AdSense, you need to make sure the ads are placed in the optimal areas of your website for maximum clicks. As in real estate, it's all about location, location, location!

Build it Right
Avoid a cookie cutter site and have original content with a unique design. When visitors land on the website you want to make a good impression and get them to browse the site. An "ugly" site with bad content won't accomplish that.

Blogs and HTML websites
Although blogs can work, your best bet is to build HTML sites to make money with AdSense.


  • You may have a consistent theme for your website with a number of informative pages about changeable topics. So that, you will have more ads to choose from and can possibly maximize your CTR.

  • Use variations of keywords for added advantage. Higher paying keywords will usually add advantage but not always yield more rewards. However think of some relevant keywords.

  • Always focus on sharing quality unique information. The more specific the content of your website is, the more targeted your ads will be.

  • Trial run on various ads formats or pattern on your web page and choose those that suite your website. You can choose to display ads with different formats on one page.

  • Ideally, place your ad in the top section of your webpage which can be viewed without scrolling down. Position your ad block in such a way that the ad is able to be seen and yet it does not delay the readers.

  • Get a practical feel of how the visitor to your website will view your web page by using Google AdSense preview toolbar.

  • Always evaluate your performance by using Google channels and other external tracking software on a regular basis.


Do not try to fraudulent means for generating clicks on the ads that are on your page. Some of the methods that are prohibited by Google AdSense are:

  • Repeated manual clicks
  • Automated clicking programs
  • Clicking your own ads
  • Using robots to generate clicks
  • Prompt up ads
  • Trap your visitors into clicking on your ads by using force click
  • Do not hide the ads text and URL.
  • Should not have hidden text for your content to misleading the Ads.
  • Illegal information is not allowed.
  • Not to exceed 3 Ads in a page

Make money with Article Writing is actually simpler than you might think. What you need to do is to create a website, publish some content there and apply for AdSense. Then paste Ads code into your website. This ads code will show ads by Google on your site. Once a visitor clicks on the ads, Google will charge the advertiser and pay you a share of the ads money.

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